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Text cubes

Vera Röhm’s ‘text cubes’ belong to the thematic group of Wandering Shadows which the artist has been working on since 1983, Her investigations into shadow phases, changes in shadows and shadow sculptures led her to the short but brilliant sentence by German philologist Johann Leonhard Frisch (1666-1743):
Night is the earth's shadow
The Platonic forms, black as night, create a formal unity, each language has its own cube.*
The laser-cut sentences have a white satin glass backing and the aluminum cubes are brightly illuminated from within. Thus ‘Die Nacht ist der Schatten der Erde’, ‘nacht is de schaduw van de aarde’ or ‘öö maa vari’ shines out at the observer in different fonts selected specifically for each language.


* One of the Platonic bodies is the cube (hexahedron), and, according to Plato in his philosophical teachings, it designates the earth.

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