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Vera Röhm
Shodow Labyrinth 1987 - 2011
Incisions in the cube system
625 cube modules from series 770

Installation on sculpture zone
märz galerie artKarlsruhe 2011/2012

Video: Cornelius Weidner and Owi Mahn

DVD, PAL, 9:02 Min.
Graphik: Roman Bohn
© 2012 Vera Röhm


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Vera Röhm
« Etaiements »

Exhibition at Topographie de l’Art, Paris

12.11.2011 – 08.01.2012


Vidoe: Loïc Djian and Delphine Hallis

DVD, PAL, Length: 12' 36" Min.
in french.
© 2012 Vera Röhm

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Vera Röhm
Text fragments: Echo and Narcissus

Installation by Vera Röhm
for the Kurpark pond and the Schlosspark pond
Exhibition Blickachsen 7
Bad Homburg 17.5. – 4.10.2009


Camera, Music: Loïc Dijan
Editing: Delphine Hallis
Photographs: Wolfgang Lukowski

DVD, PAL, Length: 9' 08"
© 2010 Vera Röhm


Vera Röhm
Ergänzungen, Licht und Zeit, Dialog Ammann-Röhm


Ergänzungen and Licht und Zeit are the titles of two exhibitions by artist Vera Röhm at the Espace Topographie de l’art in Paris and the Halle Alter Schlachthof in Berlin. Images of these two installations complemented by extracts from interviews with the artist as well as a conversation with art historian Jean- Christophe Ammann together provide a detailed overview of Vera Röhm’s creative process. In her work notions of recurrence and alternation are continually explored, with the simple verging on the complex; the rigid verging on the poetic. These binomial terms reveal a quest for the inescapable, for permanence and for the vital – in short, for the essential.
(Adon Peres)

Videoportrait: Loïc Djian and Delphine Hallis

DVD, PAL, ca. 36 Min.
also in french with english subtitles.
© 2007 Vera Röhm

ISBN 2-9519199-2-1
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Vera Röhm

Exhibition Schattenwanderungen
Institut Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt 1998-1999
Momentaufnahmen (Snapshots)
with the Tanztheater Darmstadt
Choreography Birgitta Trommler


DVD, PAL, 7:30 Min.
Camera: D.Wessely
Editing: Mjco Zuber
Music: Jo Palmström
© 2006 Vera Röhm


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Vera Röhm
Exhibition Oberfeld, Darmstadt 1981

Recording of the slide-projection “The big square”, Oberfeld 1981 81 Ergänzungen.

In the early 1970s the sculptor Vera Röhm started work on a series of geometric objects consisting of fractured wooden beams that had their missing sections made up with transparent plexiglass. These have since become known as “Complements”.
Each of the squared, linear basic units meets the acrylic glass at a slightly different location and angle so as to achieve a series variously modified structures. These, in turn, are produced on different scales. In the resulting complex images the material complementarity of wood and acrylic glass, and thus also that of nature and artefact,its itself complemented by the stylistic complementarity of constructive and expressive elements, for the points of fracture counter the smooth geometry of the whole with the dramaof destruction, as it were in vitro.
(Anca Arghir)

DVD, PAL, 25 Min.
Realisation: Wilfried Hesse
Photographs: Wilfried Hesse, Günther Claus, Dieter Heilmann
Music: Gerhard Putscheff
© 2001 Vera Röhm

ISBN: 3-00-008438-X

DVD Ergänzungen Oberfeld
© Copyright Vera Röhm